Project Be In

The main objective is the creation of a coherent, integrated and innovative business eco-system. Along with the main object there are also three targeted sub-objectives. Each one contributes to a specific field of the main object. In brief, there are 1- Expanding and spreading the knowledge, 2 – Assisting and boosting ideas, 3 – Helping and bridging the gap among SMEs / openness and promotion. This project brings together three entities, all of which commit to the same scope and contribute on different areas of expertise. This project supports SMEs, enhances and promotes business ideas and mainly helps young people to transform ideas into activities, reducing in parallel the burden of the information and knowledge cost.

One of the innovative actions of this project is that by boosting qualifications on individual level and the available tools -for enterprises- this project closes the gap between the misinformed and well-informed entities and professionals.

Expected Outputs

– Two cross sectional surveys in the population of the cross-border -with data available- and a qualitative survey with personal interviews in HR managers. This will provide specific insights on the comparative advantages both of the individuals and most importantly will illustrate the gap between the desired qualification and the current labor force strengths.

– A pool of experts in entrepreneurship and innovation. This pool of experts will be consisted by experts in business development, management, marketing and innovation, having a dual role; on the one hand it will serve as the scientific committee, providing guidance, analysis, reports on trends and development, and on the other hand it will closely plan and implement tools and assistance to all the participators individuals and SMEs,

– An e-library. This e-library will contain -with open access- all the material, educational, forms, experts’ reports and will be also a knowledge hub, in which calls will be uploaded and networking

– A Liaison office, that will provide support to business entities and individual enterpreneurs. This office, will have two antennas, in both the participating countries marketing toolkit. New marketing tools will be available for free to the SMEs registered in the project’s platform.

– Joint missions. Joint missions -with distinct thematic- will be designed in three directions; regional missions, European level and international level.
– Careers Hub and Young Leader’s summit. An event hosted during the implementation of the project will act as a pilot event for future also implementation. This will bring together individuals -young professionals and graduates- and SMEs attempting to match the supply and the demand